What is the designers role in a world that already contains so many products?
Trying to answer this question, I created the Multiple Family.

Photography: Rene van der Hulst

Jetske de Groot makes in her series ‘Multiple Family’ new chairs from parts of old furniture. Therefore, her work is partly determined by the available materials. “In a world in which so much is produced I try to be conscious and think about what I want to add to this.”

Jetske her work speaks for itself. A special commission will always be done in close collaboration with the customer. Next to that, customers can influence how a piece of furniture looks by contributing a chair of their own.  “People attach a special kind of value to their own used furniture. Integrating these pieces into a new design results in surprising and beautiful pieces. I use the materials exactly as I find them. The parts are beautiful like this, because they contain the traces of the people who used them in the past: I’m not going to erase these.”

Do you have any chairs you want to get dispose of? Give Jetske a call! She will give them a second chance in a new design.


Check her CV  for more information.